Aerial Survey & Inspection

We provide Aerial Survey and Inspection services for all of Long Island

Many leaders in the construction industry are finding that drone and UAV services can play a vital role in their work. Used for surveying, monitoring job-sites to ensure safety and security, aerial overviews of completed projects for client presentation and approval, as well as the inspection of bridges and other difficult structures; drones and UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are quickly becoming an indispensable tool in the construction industry.

UAV construction pilots can provide access to aerial survey data at an unprecedented level. Site information can be collected faster and more safely than ever before. Engineers have accurate, real-time data when decisions or modifications need to be made. Aerial data can also be used in calculating extraction and fill in volumes. Think Long Island Drone Services can help you with your project?  Click here to contact us today.

Insurance Services

Using drones to gather photos, video, and data about a property is a big leap in the technology behind older processes, but insurers were already doing something similar before with adjusters climbing on ladders and roofs with a digital camera in hand.

The real benefit of drones being used in insurance comes from the increase in safety and efficiency. Companies can move from dangerous, hands-on, time-intensive property inspections, to a quick, safe, and much faster process that allows their workforce to keep both feet firmly planted on the ground.

Construction Services

More and more players in the construction industry are turning to drones in order to reduce waste, optimize operations, and help projects stay on track. From eliminating the need for expensive manned aerial imaging to gathering highly accurate data, drones are helping key stakeholders on a job site deploy and manage resources more efficiently. You can create a safer environment for workers by getting into hard-to-reach or dangerous places quickly and efficiently with drones.

  • Monitor Progress
  • Inspections and Mapping
  • 2D and 3D imaging
  • Reduce Safety Hazards
  • Panoramic Aerial Images
  • Document Issues

Roof Inspections

Roof inspections have historically required observation either at the ground level, from a ladder, or from physically walking the roof. These observations not only involve steep angles, but also expansive and even inaccessible areas. The amount of time required for these antiquated methods is costly, not to mention the liability risks. Because of these time requirements and physical restrictions, observing every inch of roofs is extremely unlikely, and the quality of these inspections is highly limited.

However, when utilizing a drone to capture high quality photos and videos, not only of the roof, but of the entire structure and property, these inspections can be performed within just a few hours. This allows us to observe the results of the inspection from the ground and prepare a detailed analysis of the data in less time and with virtually no risk of injury.